F1-NH3 CTI Personal gas detector for Ammonia (NH3), 0-500ppm

Wingman F1 Personal gas detector for Ammonia (NH3), 0-500ppm
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The Wingman-F1 personnel protector utilizes proven electrochemical sensor technology to provide accurate real time readings of ammonia gas concentrations. Facility personnel will find this a useful tool for monitoring ammonia levels independent of the facility’s fixed gas detection system.

The Wingman has everything you expect, with a reliable life span, four button operation and small, lightweight profile.

The Wingman provides audio/visual and vibrating alarms at customizable low and high alarm setpoints, as well as TWA and STEL alarms.

The Wingman is designed to handle the harsh environments of the food industry and many other applications. The water resistant housing and gaspermeable sensor membrane offer great performance in areas that are wet, hot, or cold.

The Wingman-F1 has a large LCD offering real-time concentrations of toxic gases.

Audible, visual, and vibrator alarms activate in the event of a low, high, TWA, or STEL alarm condition. Other standard features include full function self-test, automatic backlight, event log, field-selectable calibration gas concentrations, and peak reading.

The event log stores up to 100 of the last events with a time and date stamp. When full, wraparound memory replaces oldest data with most recent.

From the home screen, the Up arrow provides a quick view of the Peak (max) concentration encountered along with TWA and STEL values since power up.

Product Details:

  • Handheld single gas detector for Ammonia, 0-500ppm
  • Small, light and easy to wear.
  • 4 buttons for easier menu navigation.
  • Water-resistant design in an integral concussion-proof enclosure.
  • Real-time readings on LCD screen.
  • 1-2 year battery life (field replaceable 1/2AA).
  • Internal vibrating alarm for high noise areas.
  • 80dB alarm buzzer.
  • LED front lighting activated by alarm condition or key press.
  • Four alarm levels: instantaneous, Low Alarm, High Alarm, TWA, and STEL.
  • Accurately monitor OSHA/NIOSH/ACGIH exposure limits.
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More Information
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Manufacturer Calibration Technologies (CTI)
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